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develop their library collection, team and library services.


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Premium Content

Professional development webinars,
articles, research papers and other
opportunities to build your skills and
those of your team.

Collection Development

Unique reviews specifically designed
for library professionals, expanded title
discovery, targeted help to fill gaps in
your collection, speciality features
including graphic novels,
Hi-Lo fiction and more.

Library Services

Discover new ideas from libraries around
the world. Be inspired to apply the learning to
your library so you can further develop the
services you offer your school community.

Here's what our members say ...

"The services you render are invaluable.
I don’t have time to do all that research
so I just ask you … it’s like you are
part of my team.  

If there is one thing to spend your
library budget on then Book Curator
membership is it."

Sonja Potgieter
Australian Christian College

"... in my 25 years as teacher librarian, your
publication is by far the most user-friendly guide to
books for Primary school children. The 'traffic light system' used to review the books is the best way to allow me to ascertain which books are suitable for my students.
I would like to thank you for the wonderful magazine,
it is my 'bible' and I recommend it to all
teacher librarians I meet with."

Sharon Mahoney
St James Catholic Primary School

Even though you're committed, it's difficult to set and achieve your goals with limited resources. 

Library Collection 

You want to build your collection, identify and
fill gaps, discover new titles, increase borrowing, meet curriculum needs and much more, but it can be difficult to get even some of those done in the time available.  

Team & Personal Development

You know PD is important and you want to
keep building your knowledge and developing
your skills, although there are a lot of
competing demands for your time. 

Library Services

Increasing student engagement with the library is really important to you, and you'd like more time to identify possible improvements and explore new ideas. 

A unique membership service tailored to the needs of librarians like you, saving you hours of time. 

Library Collection 

From specially targeted features including graphic novels and Hi-Lo fiction, to our Resource Hunter service and comprehensive reviews that are the closest experience to reading each book yourself, supercharge your collection development. 

Team & Personal Development

PD doesn't have to be an all day affair.
From articles to research papers, webinars
and discussions, get ongoing education and development as and when you need it.

Library Services

Discover what's happening in libraries around
the world, so you can learn from what works
and what doesn't and apply that learning
to your own library.