Have you ever wondered how the big, famous authors get big and famous?

Is it mostly word or mouth, luck or who has the biggest budget?

Here in the land down under, Aussie authors get lost amongst the scream of the international author. It seems the only books Aussies can access are by authors from overseas. Our local talent is whispering its way in, but is it noticed? Go into your local bookstore and most of what you will find is not Australian, especially in the Christian market. However, the Christian authors in Australia are the ones on the ground doing ministry here. If we help them to succeed they could touch more lives right here, right now.

Herein lies a challenge. It isn't about being patriotic – though that's fine too - and it isn't just because I am a publisher that I want to succeed (in fact, as a publisher, we are working hard to see these authors noticed in Australian and overseas, yes because it is a business, but mostly because I wouldn't start a Christian publishing house in our small market in Australia if I didn't believe in the message we are producing). What it is about is reaching lives, inspiring the individual and touching hearts for Jesus, who can heal our broken situation. There needs to be unity, there needs to be outreach from our local representatives to our local audience, so that we can touch their lives right now. That is why we publish Australian books.

How can you, as a reader, a fellow writer or believer, help?

• Look for Australian publications. Read the blurb about the author to see if they're an Aussie! Why? Because by supporting them, you help them achieve their goal to touch lives here and now.

• Recommend their books and review them on the major sites (Koorong, Word and Light the Dark take reviews online. So do companies like Amazon). Tell your friends via Facebook or Twitter about the great book you've read. Share each author's posts and follow them on these sites so you know when their books are coming out.

• Preorder their next book so we know you want them. Publishers rely on this as an indication of who wants their books. Interest in preorders or preregistered books provides great feedback!

• Ask for their book in your local library. That means it will be there for others to find.

• Send the author a note or email to tell them their book made a difference.

Remember, we each do what God gave us the potential to do. We write, we create and we connect. We are all links in the chain. If one life is touched and encouraged or one person brought closer to Christ because I've published a book it was worth it. Of course, it would be better if it was financially viable as well, but that's the start! God is for us! If you are interesting in finding out more about what you can do as an Aussie author to sell your book, visit our services page to find out more about how we can help.