There are multiple ways of publishing books in this modern age. You can be published by a traditional publisher, subsidise or pay a company to do it all, or do it yourself. There are also publishers who are now doing only digital or eBook publishing.

However, the convenience of the digital world means it is much cheaper than it used to be for self-publishers. You can elect to print short runs and even pay minimal fees to fix typos in your document if you need a reprint. For minimal fees, reputable print on demand companies can put your book on Amazon and make it available through all leading online sellers.

BUT if you don't know how to navigate this world it can be overwhelming. A few savvy connections and your book can be available in the right places for the budget you have planned. We have been working with individuals who want their books in these markets, with a focus on print on demand with eBooks as well, and we know how to navigate this. Talk to us if you are interested in finding out more.