It has become easy to self-publish your book. There are many sites online that offer help to authors so that they can achieve their goal to become a published author. All the amazing stories of success are popping up like crazy.

Sometimes I wonder why I went into traditional publishing. After all, who needs the traditional publishers these days? In thinking this through, I decided to list the things you might miss out on by 'going it alone'. I realise that everyone is looking for different things and I don't mind if you agree or disagree. This is simply some things to think through if you are planning to self-publish.

Things you might miss out on/or have to pay more for:

1. Access to editing/marketing/publisher support (different publishers will have different levels of this)

2. Access to distribution/the right contacts/networks

3. The 'being known already' factor with booksellers, reviewers, literary contacts and so on

4. Options for international rights and connections with translators and overseas agents

5. Access to professional design services and eBook production.

As a result I would almost always recommend trying to find a traditional publisher. You can still have freedom to self promote and often are able to sell your own books as well, but you are not alone in your journey when you are with a traditional publisher. If you want to go it alone make sure you get the right contacts. Many people get lost in the self-publishing world so I think it is important to do your research. Book Whispers will help you navigate you way through the ups and downs of self-publishing so you can arrive on the path you are aiming for. Just be sure, before you begin your journey, by doing your research and finding out what you want.