About Book Whispers

Book Whispers is managed by Novella Distribution, a distributor of Australian titles. We designed Book Whispers to use our expertise from publishing, marketing, website and book production to help authors who choose to self-publish or want extra marketing assistance in order to help grow their profile in the Australian market.

Book Whispers is not a publisher or a publishing service. We are a consultancy and offer, as part of our services, typesetting in Indesign, providing full files in the required formats for your printer; marketing, website design and book production. We can also help arrange printing at local or offshore printers or liaise with other consultants to aggregate your eBooks.

Our goal is primarily to encourage authors to find the right fit or publisher for their book. However, when self-publishing is their choice, authors are often unsure of how to proceed. We can help prepare a book for publication, prepare marketing proposals and feedback, and direct authors to the right distribution channels to help sell a book.

Our motivation is to help authors who don't want to go it all alone, but don't want to lose control. If you are an author preparing your book for publication talk to us about how we can help.

Please fill in our contact form or email us for more information and include information about your book or concept so we can provide you with a quote.