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Appraisals & Editing

Would you like to know if your fiction or non-fiction story is on track and get tips on how to make it even stronger? Or get feedback and guidance on your illustration work?

Are you looking for advice to help you choose which publishing path to take (traditional or indie) and what your next steps are? 

Would you like to develop a strategic plan for your book that will consider all aspects of your publishing journey including how to get into bricks and mortar bookstores?

 We can help with all of these things and much more. Explore our editing, appraisals, planning or general consulting services now! 

Design & Publication


Get expert assistance with your print, print-on-demand (POD) and/or eBook production so your book can sit proudly next to traditionally published titles.

Whether you're an indie author or publisher, you'll only pay for what you need, rather than being forced to buy an over-priced publishing package. We tailor the services to you.  

Explore our design, print production, POD and eBook services now! We can also help you get great rates on your printing.  


Marketing & Promotion

With more than 28,000 books published each year in Australia alone, it takes more than just a good book to make a splash.

From developing a marketing plan to website design and/or designing and printing promotional products, we can help.

Bookmarks, postcards, banners and chapter samplers can all help make your book stand out. Provide your own print-ready artwork or we can do the designs for you.   

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