Strategic Planning Meeting

A modest investment in planning can save you hours of time and money down the track. It helps ensure you get it right the first time. In our Strategic Planning Meeting, you will receive valuable advice on a range of elements to ensure your book is published and marketed successfully. We will help you set goals and steer you in the right direction before you move forward with the publishing process. These Strategic Planning Meetings consist of a two hour meeting with our Publishing and Marketing experts. We prefer to do these in person, however, they can be conducted as a teleconference/video conference instead, depending on your location.

Marketing Plan

We understand the thought of marketing and selling your book can be intimidating. If you're not sure where to start or what's involved, our marketing experts can provide a guiding hand to get you set up with an action plan. This service includes an intial one hour meeting plus a full professional strategic marketing plan document with clear actions set up to ensure you reach your goals and objectives.